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Basic application Information

  • Cut with clean high quality scissors (pro scissors)
  • Round all corners of tape to prevent catching on clothing
  • Apply to clean dry skin
  • Excessive body hair may need to be trimmed or shaved
  • Rub briskly from the middle to edge to heat bond the tape to skin
  • It is recommended that you wait a minimum of 45 minutes before getting your application wet or participating in vigorous activity
  • Do not over stretch tape this may cause discomfort and/or skin irritation
  • Keep out of direct sunlight or high heat
  • Use precaution when putting on or taking off articles of clothing so that the edges of your application do not catch on the clothing. In cases with tight clothing such as socks, extra precaution should be used.

Removing tape

  • If cared for properly, your Kinesio Tex Tape application can be worn for a minimum of 2-3 days
  • Begin slowly removing the tape in the direction of hair growth
  • Use one hand to remove the tape and the other hand to oppress against the skin
  • Gently rubbing the skin after the application is removed can reduce sensitivity
  • If preferred, you can also apply olive oil or baby oil to the application before removing. The oil will help breakdown the tape’s adhesive properties prior to removal
  • Do not remove tape to quickly as this can irritate the skin