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What is Kinesiology Tape?

Kinesiology Tape begins with a thin, stretchy fabric made from cotton or a cotton/nylon blend. The fabric is backed with an adhesive made from a hypoallergenic, medical-grade acrylic that is flexible, comfortable and non-irritating to most skin types. Most tapes are latex-free and they do not contain any medications or topical ingredients. If you are allergic to latex, please contact our office to make sure the type you are using or ordering is latex free.

How is Kinesiology Tape Applied?

Unlike rigid tapes that completely immobilize injured areas, kinesiology tape provides support and pain relief while still allowing a natural, safe range of motion. This allows athletes to participate fully in rehab and/or continue training and competing as they recover from overuse or injuries.  It is applied either directly over an affected joint or muscle group or around its borders

What Makes Kinesiology Tape Different?

Following are some of the features of kinesiology tape that make it different from other types of therapeutic tape:

Kinesiology Tape Wave Pattern Adhesive

Adhesive Pattern

The adhesive is applied to the tape in a wave-like pattern that allows the skin to breathe and moisture to easily flow through. A quick pat down with a towel is all it takes for the tape to dry quickly after sweating, swimming or showering. Most applications can be worn 3-5 days, even through intense exercise, showering, bathing or swimming. Therapeutic benefits accumulate 24/7 for the entire time the tape is worn.





With similar elasticity and thickness to human skin, Kinesiology tape stretches and moves with the body and does not restrict movement or create any sensation of constriction. This allows the tape to be worn safely and comfortably for several days at a time. Allowing injured muscles or joints to move freely helps them heal faster than if they were immobilized.