Chafe Shield - 5oz
Chafe Shield - 5oz

Chafe Shield - 5oz

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ChafeShield is a topical antifriction cream that provides a barrier of protection. ChafeShield is suitable for use by runners, cyclists, athletes and workers as an aid to help prevent and relieve chapping, chaffing, blisters and calluses caused by the forceful rubbing of repetitive motion. ChafeShield's antifriction formula provides relief anywhere there is annoying rubbing: on feet, between legs, inner thighs, under arms, breasts, etc. ChafeShield is also suitable for use on sunburned and windburned skin.Friction fighting ChafeShield provides a barrier of protection when applied to skin in contact with athletic clothing, protective gear & pads, wet suits, bras, etc. ChafeShield may also be directly applied to the interior of shoes, athletic footwear, bicycle seats and personal protective equipment.ChafeShield is recommended for use on skin in contact with prosthesis.ChafeShield is a non-greasy cream that penetrates quickly, is unscented and non-staining.Feel the Dr. Greenfield difference.

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